Friday, October 17, 2008

without topic

have nothing to do now,kinda boring ~
im feel so happiness and appreciate now..
because i had a sayang me's family ,
and sek me 's babe frens..
xiao yunn ar..vinic ar..all of them lar..
opps ! and my babi brother..hahaha !
althought he 'zat' me always ..
but he treat me quite good de.. !
thanks la ! i love u all ~
muacksss !!!!

something make me wont trust any guys again !
damn it !

Thursday, October 16, 2008


well,im so happy this few days..i had a great time with my babe sister and all of her's friends.they are so funny and friendly !okie,let talk about my happy day,at tuesday,me with my babe sis them went to sungai wang for roller,we reach time square around 11 plus,so we decided to go kim gallery for set up our hair.hahaha.girls is like to dress up XD ! we spend almost 1 hour plus i think,after that we go to roller lor..woohoo~um..quite few people lar..because weekdays ma..i just play for awhile,Im noob of roller skate XD hahaha ! but the most suprising is , i saw my best friends !! omg !! i was shock !! im bitterly happy because i kinda miss them..i dint meet them for 1 month more..! awww ~ after roller,we headed back to time square have a movie,omg ! EAGLE EYE AGAIN ! haihz! i already watch twince time.but..out of plan,all of them wanna watched,i just can follow=(
haiya !i was quite boring inside the cinema,i already watched wad..i already know about the story wad ! ish !at the end,i decided to ask babe leng and two of my new frens ( boys) acc me go out ~ actually me with babe leng have no mood to watched the movie,kinda sien lar..hahaha ! we sit inside the cinema minutes i think..then go out already,only leave two pairs of the couple there(my sis and shan)..hohoho~feel like wasting money rite ? but just forget about it ! RM8 dollar..give them lu ~ have nothing to do,then went to gasoline have a drink ! wth ! the stupid gasoline ! no standard cafe ! idiot waiters ! huh ! what the worst attitude huh !! how come can so action to treat customer ? ! i swear i wont go again ! ! grrrr !! haihz.. !! ignore the stupid waiters ! ! AND the no manners super visor ! if im your boss, im fire you immediatly !! we spend one hours plus to chit chat at there,blah blah blah ~ after that we go to the 打机场 see my fren dancing ! woohoo~ kinda pro man ~ my bro keep to praise him ~ omg ~ praise him yeng lar..lengzai lar..the personality so nice lar..blah blah blah lar ~ hui seh ~ praise until that guy almost can fly already ~ haha ! haiyo..after finish the ' little performance ' , my sis's darling wanna buy clothes wor..then we acc him to BEAN shop lu,my friend work at there thats why got discount ! lols ! all of us waiting for the mr.wong yong at there, funny..because he quite skinny lar..when wear the shirt and skinny jeans looks so funny and cute .. but quite nice too ~ i keep to give suggestion about the clothes .. they call me mommy ! omg ! 啊妈帮啊仔选衣服!zadou ! ~ finally done ! he buy a pair of clothes and trouser..its time to go home ~


And the next day ( wednesday ) three of us ( me,babe sis,babe leng) woke up early in the morning , dress up and done all the things..then mommy fetch us to LRT station ~ we went to TIME SQUARE AGAIN ! HAHA ! BUT THIS TIME is for movie lar..! we reached there around 11 something , we went to kim gallery AGAIN ~ SET UP OUR HAIR AGAIN ~ LOLS ! after that we go and buy the movie tickets , BUTTERFLY LOVER ! damn romantic and touching !! awww !! wu chun damn handsome and attrative !!
um ~ so lazy to type more and more ~
so just show you guys all the picture ! !


Sunday, October 12, 2008



You don try to fool her !

i tell u ! listen properly ! MR.XXX ! dont try to fool her ! if you just wanna play ambiguous's relationship with her,and don really want to have a relationship with her . you just get out ! dont try to fooling her i tell u ! im serious ! i hate this kind of guy ! its too shameful ! you just find her when u need her ? huh ? wth ! you treat her like what ? huh ? like a piece of shit ? or u just think she is a little girl ? just try to fooling her ? ! what the fuck u thinking there ! did u think that you're handsome ? yes ! u're ! but so what ? u thought handsome can simply fooling a girl when u like ? did u try to think about her's feeling ? NO ! i dare to say NO ! if you care about her,you wont just told her that you just need a ambiguous's relationship ! fuck off ! i was kinda angry now ! i hate that you hurt my best fren !
i wanna whack you ! i thought you is a good guy formerly,but now..NO ! you're just a piece of shit !same with all of the failure guy ! selfish ! evil ! brainless ! you dont even know how to cherish a girl ! dont try to bullshit ! dont keep to tears her ! please make clear both of you's relationship a s a p ! if not,just END of this ambiguous's relationship ! go hell !

Friday, October 10, 2008

thank you =)

i wanna say thank you to mr zhen treat me quite so affect that you treat me by your true acc me always when im moody and caring me all the time.thanks a lot.although i dint see you before ..
but 6 sense tell me that .. um .. u're a good guy.haha!

i love u!!!!!!!!!!!
FRIEND'S love ok !!
dun misunderstand ar.


good nitezz...!


why my life so complicated wan?suppose to say so unlucky.espeacilly my relationship.
i love someone who doenst love me.twice time d.and i be with a failure,evil,idiot,no moral,shameful guy for 4 kinda regret that i be couple with him!am i blind?yes!i am !cant blame anyone also..!just blame on my self.when choose bf dint wear properly my contaclens.hahaha!the two guys who i love before already have girl just wish them lovely all the time..!
so far as me ? waiting for my true love.i mean the guy who love me by true heart.and sayang me please lar,who gonna fool me just get out from my life immediatly!im hate who fooling me so much lar!kinda brainless!sometime was so envy the couple couple sweet.haha!but never mind lo.without boy fren but i still hv a lot of so happiness too.i have a cherish me's family,and care about me's fren.thats enough for me.=)just ignore the guys who doesnt cherish me ^^.and try to accept the new relationship!hahahaha!but need some time to ready..XD

Thursday, October 9, 2008

F**K YOU !

whats your problem ?
mr.dumb !
you really so jin gak lar !
bullshit !
im so doubt that what you learn this 6 years in tsun jin high school !
oh my fucking god !
but..i wont angry geh..!
hahaha !

because im not same as you as a low standard person..!

chill always=)